Sunday, January 25, 2015

Snow = no go

   "Bang bang bang... Excuse me I have a warrant to search this apartment" said a voice from outside. Shit I thought to myself, if they see all this equipment they will know that I am making fake ID's and I'll go to jail. How'd they find out anyway? What time is it? 4Am who searches someone's apartment at 4Am? Then I heard a door open and the police talking to a women down the hall and realized they weren't here for me. My heart was racing and I sunk back into my bed feeling relieved.
   When I finally got up at 9 I got ready just like every other day to leave at 10. I walked out of my apartment down stairs only to find that I was snowed in. I raced back upstairs to see if it was snowing on campus too and classes are cancelled. Thankfully they were and I was feeling awfully lucky today.   It was only 10Am and I had already dodged a lot of bullets. Then I realized that it was only 10 Am and I was stuck in this hell hole all day.
   At around 3 I was walking down the stairs trying to find something to do and I started to smell a lot of weed around the 4th floor, but I could tell it was coming from lower. I walked out of the stairwell on the 3rd floor to find the whole thing to be hot boxed. I decided I could deal with that and brought my laptop down there and sat in the hallway getting high while doing homework.
   As I was down there I wondered who in this building had enough money to buy this much weed, but I didn't know.

Why glitter...?

    As I started driving down main to go to school I had all my windows rolled down because I like to smoke in the car and it's not good to let all the smoke just stay in there. But then glitter began flying into my car and getting all over everything. I couldn't believe it.
   I had to turn on my windshield wipers to keep the glitter from obstructing my view of the road. As I passed passed the cemetery I saw that weird bartender limping down the road... I think her name is Catherine. I wonder what her deal is. She looks sick. Now that I think of it I've been seeing a lot sick people lately in town. I hope I don't catch whatever is going around this gross place.
   When I arrived on campus I had to stop by the frat house and grab lunch and drop off two ID's to pledges before I could go to class. The pledges asked me a lot of the same questions that everyone asks me when I hand them their ID's such as "Will this really work?... How am I supposed to know what an ID from this state actually looks like". I didn't really answer them because I told them if they didn't trust me they could throw them away for all I cared and they said they wouldn't as everyone does.
   After a boring latin class I went to the library to try and study, but I found myself beginning to feel sick. Shit I thought I don't have time to get sick right now. I tried to go to the student infirmary but it was closed for some reason that I don't know. So I drove an hour back to dreamwood and went to see Brian. I always hated going to see Brian, because all the stupid poor girls from around him just stared at him. I don't know why they all think he is so attractive plus if he is really such a good doctor what is he doing here.
   The wait seemed like it took forever, since everyone and their mother decided to get sick today. When I went into the exam room I listed my symptoms as he asked, "feverish, tired, achey, and just unwell". His nurse stuck a swab up my nose and then I went back into the waiting room to here the results. He told my I had the flu and shouldn't come in contact with anyone for three days and told me to come back if I wasn't better by then.
   I went home and immediately had to start sending out emailing and faxing a note from him to excuse myself from classes and fraternity events. Then I figured I had done enough for the day and was sick so I went to bed.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Day One

     I hate the drive from school to home everyday and especially on wet ones like tonight. It's an hour long drive from the place that I want to be to the place that I want to forget. No one knows that I live here or why I don't live on campus. If they found out there is no way I'd be able to stay a Sigma Nu because they'd know that I've been lying to them the whole time. People from town keep telling me to stop trying to live the life of a rich kids because it is impossible. That's not true though because I am a poor kid living the life of a rich kid, except that I have to work for all the money I spend and it's not given to me. I don't want to live the life of a rich kid I want to be a rich kid.
    It's 6:50 when I get home to 70D in dreamwood and I have to write two papers, read the chapter of my biology book, and fill two orders. I know that there is no way that I am going to sleep tonight so I go ahead and make some coffee. By the time I sit down with my coffee at my computer the power goes out. Shit, how am I gonna get anything done. I walk out my door to look around the hall to make sure it is all out, it is. Then I peak out my window and see that the whole town is dark. I guess all I'm gonna get done tonight is my reading and I will have to go in to school early to write my papers tomorrow.
    The guys waiting on their fake IDs tomorrow are gonna be pissed that they already paid my $120 each for these ID's and they aren't gonna get them tomorrow. It takes all night to complete the process of making an ID if you want it to look right. Hopefully they'll understand since orders have been slow I don't have the money to refund them anything.