Sunday, January 25, 2015

Snow = no go

   "Bang bang bang... Excuse me I have a warrant to search this apartment" said a voice from outside. Shit I thought to myself, if they see all this equipment they will know that I am making fake ID's and I'll go to jail. How'd they find out anyway? What time is it? 4Am who searches someone's apartment at 4Am? Then I heard a door open and the police talking to a women down the hall and realized they weren't here for me. My heart was racing and I sunk back into my bed feeling relieved.
   When I finally got up at 9 I got ready just like every other day to leave at 10. I walked out of my apartment down stairs only to find that I was snowed in. I raced back upstairs to see if it was snowing on campus too and classes are cancelled. Thankfully they were and I was feeling awfully lucky today.   It was only 10Am and I had already dodged a lot of bullets. Then I realized that it was only 10 Am and I was stuck in this hell hole all day.
   At around 3 I was walking down the stairs trying to find something to do and I started to smell a lot of weed around the 4th floor, but I could tell it was coming from lower. I walked out of the stairwell on the 3rd floor to find the whole thing to be hot boxed. I decided I could deal with that and brought my laptop down there and sat in the hallway getting high while doing homework.
   As I was down there I wondered who in this building had enough money to buy this much weed, but I didn't know.


  1. It would be interesting to incorporate some background/history about your character and why they are selling fake IDs.

  2. For example, maybe more family history

  3. I wrote about our little interaction in my blog.

  4. Hello Cameron. I wrote about us last Tuesday. Now it is your turn,