Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Day One

     I hate the drive from school to home everyday and especially on wet ones like tonight. It's an hour long drive from the place that I want to be to the place that I want to forget. No one knows that I live here or why I don't live on campus. If they found out there is no way I'd be able to stay a Sigma Nu because they'd know that I've been lying to them the whole time. People from town keep telling me to stop trying to live the life of a rich kids because it is impossible. That's not true though because I am a poor kid living the life of a rich kid, except that I have to work for all the money I spend and it's not given to me. I don't want to live the life of a rich kid I want to be a rich kid.
    It's 6:50 when I get home to 70D in dreamwood and I have to write two papers, read the chapter of my biology book, and fill two orders. I know that there is no way that I am going to sleep tonight so I go ahead and make some coffee. By the time I sit down with my coffee at my computer the power goes out. Shit, how am I gonna get anything done. I walk out my door to look around the hall to make sure it is all out, it is. Then I peak out my window and see that the whole town is dark. I guess all I'm gonna get done tonight is my reading and I will have to go in to school early to write my papers tomorrow.
    The guys waiting on their fake IDs tomorrow are gonna be pissed that they already paid my $120 each for these ID's and they aren't gonna get them tomorrow. It takes all night to complete the process of making an ID if you want it to look right. Hopefully they'll understand since orders have been slow I don't have the money to refund them anything.

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